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YAMUNI is perhaps the leading department store chain for women's, men's and children's clothing, as well as household goods, fabrics, textiles, and gifts. All in a great store for the family. Year after year the Costa Rican people have witnessed how, during more than a century of work and effort, the family

YAMUNI has opened a successful path in the Costa Rican market, becoming part of its tradition and a benchmark of national fashion for the whole family.

For all YAMUNI stores, the owners have chosen to work hand in hand with Bansbach-Akustik, to together establish the optimal coverage design and layout of their Audio and Video systems. Using the technology of Bose's FreeSpace systems, a result has been achieved in every case that keeps customers coming back again and again.

“In the 3 YAMUNI department stores in Costa Rica of approximately 3,000m2 each, we have always chosen to work with Bansbach-Akustik for the integration of our AV systems, because of the quality brands they use, the professionalism of their staff and the excellent customer service they have always provided us. Music is an integral part of the shopping experience that we seek to give our customers and we have always achieved optimal and smooth results in all the projects we have executed with Bansbach. ”

Eduardo Yamuni

- Owner

    Attributes                Features

    Location                San Jose Costa Rica

    Area in m2                 33,000 m2

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