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Frequent questions

What is Bansbach Akustik?
BANSBACH-AKUSTIK is a business unit or department in the Bansbach Group, specializing in the design and integration of audio, video and control solutions.
Do you sell Audio Products?
If we sell audio products and we also integrate complete sound solutions.
Do you sell Video Products?
Yes, but we do not sell normal televisions. We sell professional-grade integrated video solutions.
Can you help us to design our Audio and Video system?
Yes, we have a team of technicians who will help you step by step in the design of your systems and create the respective diagrams and schematics in 2d Cad and 3d Lumion.
Do they visit the client's site?
If the site is already built or under construction, we definitely prefer to visit the site to better understand the needs and requirements of the client.
Do they reuse the equipment that the client owns?
Our technicians will evaluate in detail the systems that the client already has, will consider them and if feasible we will try to incorporate them. In case of incorporating equipment that the client already owns, we cannot give a manufacturer's guarantee on those equipment that the client already had.
What are the market segments that BANSBACH-AKUSTIK focuses on?

We specialize in a number of market segments and customer needs. The most frequent are:

  • Corporate

  • Churches

  • government

  • Education

  • Auditoriums

  • Sports facilities and gyms

  • Restaurants and bars

  • Hotels

  • Free trade zone

  • Clean Rooms

Does BANSBACH-AKUSTIK offer the design service?
Yes we do.
Does BANSBACH-AKUSTIK offer electro-acoustic design?
Yes we do.
Does BANSBACH-AKUSTIK offer Installation Service
Yes we do.
Does BANSBACH-AKUSTIK have a preventive maintenance department?
Yes we do.
Does BANSBACH-AKUSTIK offer spare parts and technical service for the products and solutions it installs?
Yes we do.
Does BANSBACH-AKUSTIK work in other countries outside of Costa Rica?
We only work in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. It is VERY important for us to be able to offer you an efficient and effective after sales service. For this reason, we prefer to install only in countries where we have a presence and local offices, in order to serve them quickly and at a reasonable cost.
Where are your offices located?
Costa Rica (San José), Nicaragua (Managua).
What information do you require from a potential client to design your system and provide an estimated cost?
We need the plans in AutoCAD of the floor layout, as well as one with the heights. We also require a clear description of what the customer expects from their Audio-Video-Control system.
Do you carry out residential installations?
Yes we do.
How does the issue of guarantees work?
We honor manufacturers' warranties. We are an authorized technical service center for most of the brands that we integrate. This means that we have direct access to parts, spare parts and schematic diagrams from the manufacturer.
Can you sell products and services tax-free?
An exempt sale can only be made to a client who presents us with the official documentation that they are exempt from the respective taxes.
Do you offer credit to the end customer?
We do offer it, but before offering credit we need to carry out a credit study of the potential client.
Can you send the products direct to the client's warehouses or to their consolidator?
Yes we do.
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