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Humbolt College

Education Sector Electro Acoustic Design

Colegio Humboldt is one of the main private educational institutions in Costa Rica. It is an academic institution of multicultural encounter, for which reason it has been established that the teaching-learning process takes place in an environment that promotes free thought and respect for the human being in all its diversity. Today the institution has approximately 980 preschool, elementary and high school students. As an institution of German origin, it is very demanding regarding high quality standards. In 2018, the institution decided to invest approximately US $ 10 million in renovating its elementary school facilities and parking lots, as well as the construction of a beautiful auditorium with the latest technology for 440 people.

Bansbach-Akustik had previously worked with the Humboldt College for the integration of a small auditorium of 100 people, as well as the paging system of the facilities. In the search for excellence in this new investment, the Board of Directors of the institution chooses to work together with Bansbach-Akustik in the design of the Audio-Video and Control system for the new auditorium, as well as for the paging system of all the new classrooms, parking and facilities of the School.

“Optimum quality audio and video within an auditorium are key factors for both the performers and the audience. The great investment of Colegio Humboldt in the construction of its new auditorium and elementary school facilities, merited our having high-quality equipment.  For this reason we seek the advice and support of Bansbach-AKUSTIK for the design and installation of audio and video systems. We are really very happy with this decision and the comments from parents, students, teachers and attendees of the functions carried out in the auditorium have been more than positive. "


Andreas Rauff

- President of the Humbolt College Board of Directors

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    Location                San Jose, Pavas ,, Costa Rica

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