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Autonomy Square (Aula Magna) UCR

Construction Sector Electro Acoustic Design

Located in the heart of the University of Costa Rica within the City of Research, the Plaza de la Autonomia is an architectural complex that pays tribute to the student movement that 100 years ago achieved the proclamation of the Cordoba Reform. It consists of 4 main modules which include the Aula Magna, an auditorium, a multipurpose room and a press room. The objective of these spaces is to develop high-level academic and cultural activities such as symposia, conferences, graduations, concerts, among others.

The Aula Magna has capacity for 710 people. It was designed with the possibility of incorporating a wide range of activities, ranging from academic to artistic. It has a spacious lobby, ticket office, ramp for people with disabilities, sound room and scenographic lighting, multiple translations, camera area for television stations, dressing rooms and administrative office. In this space, the Bansbach team worked hand in hand with the engineers and architects of the University of Costa Rica to incorporate the latest audio, video, control and miking technologies. A linear BOSE ShowMatch system was installed as the main audio system. Regarding video, the space has a top-of-the-line Christie projector and two Epson projectors. These project on 3 large screens, one of 9m and 2 of 4m respectively. In the sound booth you will find the entire Crestron control system and a Yamaha digital mixing table. The Aula Magna space also has a videoconferencing system installed by Bansbach-Akustik of the latest generation with three different cameras. For this majestic space Bansbach also delivered an Austrian piano Bösendorfer Imperial 290, a first in Central America and the Caribbean.

The Aula Magna is directly interconnected by fiber optics with the Auditorium, which has 186 spaces and a BOSE sound system, with its own projection and microphone system.

The Multipurpose Room is designed to host pre and post-event activities of the Aula Magna; they can function independently. It has the capacity to host 300 to 450 people, depending on the configuration used in the event. They also have their audio and video system installed by Bansbach that even allows the Aula Magna event to be played simultaneously.

«As an audio, video and control technician in charge of the Plaza de la Autonomy, made up of the Aula Magna, Multipurpose Room and Auditorium, I am very grateful to Bansbach-Akustik for the excellent teams that made us up. The sound and video is spectacular and the integration of the rooms works perfectly. The controls are very friendly and meet all of our needs. It gives me great peace of mind to have their backing and support when I need it. "

David Delgado

- Audio, Video and Lights Technician

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    Location                UCR, San Pedro, Costa Rica

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